Song & Tonic
Music with a Twist


Song & Tonic is a guided tasting experience that pairs classic music with classic cocktails.

At the start of the tasting, we break down three cocktails, revealing their separate components. We then pair each ingredient with an instrument, harmony, or melody from the featured song presented by live musicians.

As we mix, shake & stir, musicians play melodies and sounds that emulate the ingredients - their origin and their role within the cocktail - and explore their relation to the full piece of music. As the ingredients are layered one upon the other, so are the instruments.

Three Cocktails – Three Songs:

By deconstructing both song and cocktail, we are able to explore each part independently and then, when in a heightened sensory state, fully appreciate the completed song and cocktail as all the pieces finally come together in harmony.

The Song & Tonic story is told by way of taste and sound. Guests are led on a journey through the composition of both a cocktail and a song to culminate in a full performance of the musical selection and a cocktail.

We bring you a tasting experience truly unlike any other.


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